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davediddlystrider asked:

Alright, its five days later. Why was BAPromstuck cancelled?

I had a number of events arise the same weekend, my co-coordinator was unable to attend, I only started to get support from people about two weeks from the event, etc.  I’m dearly sorry for having to ruin all the potential fun of this event, but if I had carried on with it, it would be extremely shoddily-executed and end in disaster.


Anonymous asked:

will the music be loud enough if its outside?

It will be loud as we can get it to be.  I am trying my hardest to see that things will be as satisfactory as possible, but you need to remember that this event is currently run by two 17 year olds.

- Max

tinysport asked:

i think you said somewhere that you have to be at least 15 ro attend promstuck. i'm 14, turning 15 on june 17th ((SO CLOSE TO THE DATE OF PROMSTUCK BUT STILL SO FAR AWAY AHHH)) and i was wondering if i would still be too young to attend? or if theres some acception or something? because i would REALLY like to go.

Yes that would be allowed.  Really I’m not as strict on the age limit, just as long as you’re mature enough to attend.

- Max

lovestickhipster asked:

If we email you, could we get some kind of confirmation? What if only one person emails but there will be at least one more person accompanying them? Possibly more? I'd like to know, because my group is on the ropes about it being 2 or 3 or more people going. Thanks!

Yes I can start responding to emails.  And usually people just include how many extras they’re bringing.

- Max

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